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The EverWith Memorial Jewellery Care Guide

Buying memorial jewellery is a decision some of us come to when we want to hold a physical reminder of our lost loved one close. Given the significance of this kind of jewellery, we understand that looking after it can seem like a daunting prospect. In this guide, we will talk you through our tips for keeping your jewellery clean and, more importantly, safe from the very first day you receive it. By following these steps, your jewellery should last and look as good as new, every time you wear it.

Preventing jewellery damage

Understandably, you’ll probably want to wear your jewellery regularly when you first get it, if not every day. We recommend removing your jewellery before sleeping, exercising, cleaning and showering – to prevent accidental damages and unnecessary wear. Along with this, try to avoid getting perfumes and cosmetic (or chemical) products on your piece of jewellery; this can lead to residue building up in the small crevasse of your piece, making it harder to clean.  Perfumes and harsh chemicals, such as hand santiser, will also affect the Rhodium plating on our Sterling Silver jewellery.

Keep an eye on your jewellery

Remembering to keep an eye on your jewellery for general wear is really important to ensure no avoidable damages occur. Checking your jewellery for any signs of everyday wear, such as clasps working correctly, ensuring all links are secure in necklaces, or checking for movement in hinges and stones, could prevent any serious damages later on.

When you notice something out of place, give your jewellery some attention as soon as possible by contacting us here.

Storing your EverWith jewellery

As tempting as it might be, putting your jewellery on your bedside table or dresser at the end of the day can really damage your precious pieces. There are some fantastic ways to store jewellery, that are just as effortless and will keep them looking immaculate for longer. We recommend that you invest in a decent jewellery box. Not only will this make your life a lot easier when choosing what jewellery to wear, but it will also keep your jewellery protected. Along with this, for your more delicate pieces, it is worth wrapping them in soft, good-quality fabrics.

How to prevent tarnishing

If not stored correctly, gold and silver jewellery especially may start to tarnish. When a piece of jewellery does tarnish, it is fairly easy to rectify. However, it would probably be best to avoid it, where you can. To prevent tarnishing, make sure you properly dry your jewellery before you store it, if it does wet. Try to remember to polish your jewellery every now and again, before storing – you can buy jewellery cloths online.  Remember that most of our Sterling Silver jewellery has Rhodium Plating.  Over time and with normal use this plating will gradually wear away and will therefore need re-plating. 

Caring for resin jewellery

Our jewellery is made with resin. Resin is a beautiful way to set your loved one’s ashes (or other precious items) into a piece of jewellery. However, resin can be sensitive to harsh chemicals, extreme sunlight and water – so it is important to store and protect your EverWith piece as best you can. To avoid damage, try to keep your resin pieces away from chemicals (always try to remove when cleaning, for example). Along with this, avoiding wearing your jewellery in the shower and in the bath, and especially while you’re swimming in a chlorinated pool.

Consider insuring your jewellery

Quite often, people don’t think to insure their jewellery – but it might be something to consider, especially for your more personal or valuable pieces. Jewellery insurance can cover a wide variety of eventualities, such as accidental damages, fire damages, theft and other breakages.

All EverWith jewellery comes with one year’s warranty. Taking care of your jewellery properly only takes a few moments of your day and it is worth it, in order to ensure your jewellery remains beautiful and damage-free for as long as possible. If you have any further questions, please do contact us and we would be happy to help.

By Rebecca Thomas