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How to check your (or someone else's!) ring size

Shopping for a ring can be both exciting and daunting, especially if you're not familiar with the sizing system. Many people find themselves unsure of their ring size, which can complicate the process further. Whether you're browsing online or looking to drop a hint to your partner about an impending proposal, having an accurate ring size is so important!

While jewellery shops typically offer free ring measurements, this isn't always an option, particularly when shopping online or choosing a surprise gift. Fortunately, there are several methods you can do at home to determine your ring size accurately!

Let’s take a look at them

The String Method

Grab a piece of string, dental floss, or anything similar and wrap it around the base of your finger. Make sure it's snug but not too tight. Mark where the string overlaps and measure the length in millimeters using a ruler. Then, refer to a ring size chart to find your size. Remember not to pull the string excessively tight, as you'll still need to comfortably slide the ring over your knuckle.

Ring Size Chart

If you already own a well-fitting ring, you can use it to determine your size with a ring size chart. Ensure the chart is printed to 100% scale and hasn't been resized, as this could lead to inaccuracies. Place your ring on the chart and match it to the corresponding size. Keep in mind that each finger may have a different size, so be specific about which finger you're measuring for.

Ring Sizer

Investing in a ring sizing tool is perhaps the easiest and most accurate method. These inexpensive tools come in the form of plastic loops or sets of rings that allow you to find your size precisely. Plus, you can easily slip them on and off to ensure a comfortable fit, taking into account your knuckle size.

When selecting the fit for your ring, aim for a snug but comfortable fit that doesn't dig into your skin or slide over your knuckle too easily. It may take some trial and error to find the perfect size, but it's worth the effort for a comfortable and secure fit.

In the UK, ring sizes are denoted by letters, while the US and Europe use numerical systems. To find the right size, it's essential to measure either the inside circumference or diameter of the ring accurately. Keep in mind factors like knuckle size and hand fluctuations throughout the day, especially in warmer weather.

By following these methods and considerations, you can confidently determine your ring size from the comfort of your home, ensuring a perfect fit for your next jewellery purchase!

If you choose to go with EverWith for your unique memorial jewellery, our free starter kit contains an order form, a plastic spoon and also a small sealable plastic bag. We typically require 1 spoon of ashes (or a small amount of hair) per jewellery piece. And, to make things easier, we also include a free ring-sizer in order that you can accurately confirm your ring size!

Ring sizing FAQs

How do you measure someone's finger without them knowing?
You can discreetly measure someone's ring size by borrowing and measuring a ring they wear often or by asking their friends or family if the information is available. Alternatively, opt for a slightly larger size, as it's easier to resize a ring smaller than to enlarge it.

How do you know if a ring fits correctly?
A well-fitted ring should slide over the knuckle with slight resistance and sit comfortably on the fleshiest part of the finger. It shouldn't leave marks or cause swelling, nor should it slip around excessively.

Can EverWith help me with my ring size?

Yes! With every free order pack, we also include a free ring-sizer in order that you can accurately confirm your ring size!